PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines ( ПАО "Аэрофло́т – Росси́йские авиали́нии", PAO Aeroflot – Rossiyskiye avialinii), commonly known as Aeroflot.

English translation is – "air fleet", is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation. The air carrier is an open joint stock company that operates both domestic and international passenger and services, mainly from its airline hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Aeroflot is one of the oldest airlines in the world, tracing its history back to 1923. During the Soviet era, Aeroflot was the Soviet national airline and the largest airline in the world. Following the dissolution of the URSS, the carrier has been transformed from a state-run-enterprise  into a semi-privatised company which ranked 19th most profitable airline in the world in 2007. Aeroflot is still considered the de facto national airline of Russia. It is 51%-owned by the Russian Government.

Aeroflot received the highest five-star rating from the British OAG agency for punctual flight operations.

Aeroflot was recognized as the most punctual airline in the world in 2019 based on the global On-Time Performance Review rating from the reputable analytical holding Cirium.

Aeroflot: Flight Schedule

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