Chisinau International Airport for the first time will be the host of an International Aviation Conference - “Aviation-Event 2024 RMO”, on May, 30, 2024.

The event will have a substantial effect upon civil aviation of the Republic of Moldova and will bring together in Chisinau over 150 participants, international leaders and experts of the civil aviation industry, airlines’ and airports’ CEOs from all over the Europe.

Being one of the world’s most anticipated conferences of the year, “Aviation-Event 2024 RMO” will gather industry leaders, experts, and influential speakers to explore the most recent trends, challenges and opportunities the global aviation sector faces nowadays.

It is important to mention that the first edition of a will bring our country and Chisinau International Airport valuable cooperation opportunities with the industry peers and will contribute to development and maintenance of a strong and sustainable aviation sector that continues to provide important services to millions of passengers.

This event will offer participants a unique opportunity to participate in discussions on interesting subjects, share expertise, insights and perspectives, establish partnerships and get to know the Republic of Moldova through its people whose hospitality is renowned worldwide.

The main topics and panel discussions will focus on Moldovan aviation on its way to the EU and beyond - building a strong aviation industry in Eastern Europe, updates on Ukrainian aviation and the effects on aviation in Eastern Europe, the role of tourism and communication in creating a competitive environment.


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