Today, the second runway at Chisinau Airport was opened.

It was a key project successfully carried out by Avia Invest. This project is unique to the Republic of Moldova and has a major impact on the development of the transport infrastructure of the entire country.

The event was attended by Chiril Gaburici, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Radu Bezniuc, general director of Civil Aviation Authority, Veaceslav Frunze, general director "Moldatsa", Vladimir Tonu, general manager of "X FACTOR"company , Iakub Iurga, project manager "Strabag”, Iulian Scorpan, Air Moldova's director and representatives of Tarom, Turkish Airlines and S7.

Everyone present at the opening event had a unique surprise. These were the passengers of the first take-off and landing flight on the new runway of Chisinau Airport. At the helm of Air Moldova, who performed the demonstration flight, was the director of the company Iulian Scorpan.

A year ago the decision to build the new runway was taken by Avia Invest in order to operate non-stop flights to the airport, while working on the base runway.

The take-off and landing runway with a length of 2383 m and a width of 45 m was built using the most advanced techniques, materials and equipment. The construction work was carried out by Strabag, according to the projects carried out in the largest European airports and in compliance with the highest standards. Moreover, the construction company guarantees an operating term for the renovated track for 30 years. The total cost of the project amounts to 17 million euros.

Avia Invest general manager Petru Jardan said:
"Chisinau Airport has an infrastructure that corresponds to the highest European standards, and this is a result of the projects implemented by Avia Invest. In the last year we have started a lot of projects at the same time and we are proud that we were able to achieve them with great success. Expansion of the waiting area at the Departures to over 2000 meters, improving and increasing the comfort in the airport through specially designed spaces for families and children, opening a new control point in the Transit area, launching the second runway and almost 200 thousand of m2 from the surface of the fully reconstructed aerodrome represents a colossal work. The changes that have taken place at the Airport and our successes can serve as an example of an infrastructure project at country level and with an impact for all our citizens. All new areas put into operation contribute directly to increasing the operational capacity of the airport. With the development of the infrastructure and the creation of new facilities not only for passengers, but also for the airlines that develop their activity in the country, we increase the interest of other corporations in the field. Therefore, a competitive market means advantageous prices, new flight directions and additional benefits for all our passengers. Moreover, Chisinau International Airport is the place where foreign tourists create their first impressions of our country. This is why we can say that we are also an image book of the Republic of Moldova internationally. We take on this and are willing to continue to provide passengers with all the comfort and safety needed for a pleasant flight."

The Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, present at the event mentioned that the launch of the new runway at Chisinau Airport has an essential impact for the national economy.

"In most countries of the world, air transport services have a high share of gross domestic product (GDP). I want to achieve the same. With the increase in the number of services and the number of passengers using air transport, we will also have a greater contribution in the formation of the GDP".

At the same time, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure added that any country that wants to find a better rating in the international Doing Business report, must offer more opportunities to all economic agents. "With the launch of a new project, surely, we will develope and offer new opportunities to those who have business in the Republic of Moldova, and thus we will also improve our position in the international report on the opportunities of developing a business. I am happy to see here all those involved in the development of air transport, who have implemented a large infrastructure project, the construction of a new runway on Chisinau International Airport, but also on colleagues from companies that provide services for air transport passengers and congratulate them on this achievement", mentioned the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure.

This runway was built exactly like the basic runway, made of concrete, produced by the "Strabag Grup" plant, equipped with its own laboratory and installed directly on the territory of Chisinau Airport.

In the process of construction of the track was used a special technique, which offered the possibility of recovering the materials resulting from the demolition of old concrete. Using recycled materials contributed to the saving of natural resources.

The installed electroluminescence landing system successfully passed the Ukrainian expert test, performed in flight using the special equipment and the laboratory aircraft. Also, a major advantage of equipping the runway at both ends with radionavigation and light marking equipment is that it allows landing from any direction, so for airlines it means shorter flight time and reduced fuel consumption. This facility offered to the airlines by the Airport will greatly reduce the risk of delays or cancellations, and passengers will be able to travel according to the flight schedule.