Chisinau Airport expansion works are finished!

Currently, Avia Invest continues the realization of the investment plan to modernize the airport. At the moment, the extension of the terminal (the arrivals, departures area, the luggage area) has been completed, having an area of 3860 m2.

On September 8, the extended terminal has been presented to journalists by the Petru Jardan, General Director Avia Invest. The presentation was also attended by Director of construction company Exfactor Group, Vladimir Tonu. Media representatives were invited to the platform, where they could see its reconstruction work in progress.

The terminal has been extended with 3860m2, which involves the expansion of the arrivals, departures area and the luggage area.

Therefore, expansion and reconstruction of the terminal allows CIA to increase almost 2 times the capacity of service, up to 750 passengers per hour and to ensure a maximum convenient stay of the passengers in CIA. It also intensive work is caried out to increase the number of of registration booths from 12 to 18, the number of Gate's, to double the number of booths crossing passport control on departure and arrival, and to the 2 existing conveyors for baggage will be added one more. Therefore, the most complex works on the exterior have already been finished and at the moment are ongoing reconstruction works on 15 000 m2 of existing surfaces and on the interior, in accordance to the new design project. Concomitantly, new equipment was installed ventilation and air cooling and a new sound system for announcing flights. In the same time, new ventilation and air cooling equipment was installed, alongside the new sound system for announcing flights. The cost of reconstruction and expansion of the CIA terminal, including modern systems and equipment, amounts to 9 million euro.

Another step in the extensive project for modernization of the country's main air gate is the reconstruction of the airdrome. The works are extended on a total area of 500 000 m2 (runway, landing platform, rolling ways). World-renowned German company, Strabag Group, in collaboration with the Swiss designer company Intairplan GmbH, member of WAM AG holding, and other local companies are involved in the reconstruction of these objects.

Reconstruction works are essential for increasing the index bearing capacity of the runway/landing over its entire length of 3590 meters. Moreover, the runway will be widened from 45m to 60m. The cost of the reconstruction of the runway will rise up to 15 million euro. Also, were initiated works for the rehabilitation of the old runway, which was not operated for 20 years, and it’s transformed into a driveway for the existing runway / landing. At the moment new driveways are built and existing ones are rehabilitated. As in the runway’s case, the bearing capacity of the driveways and aircraft parking places will be increased substantially. This index will reach 70 PCN, to the existing 51 PCN. These works will be spent around 10 million euro.Reconstruction and modernization of the CIA platform will still cost 10.5 million euro.

All these works are carried out in a fast rythm, allocating the necessary resources so that CIA could receive and serve all types of aircraft without any restrictions and ensure a traffic of 21 planes/hour.

It is worth mentioning that that a number of repairs and reconstruction and reparation works are on the home stretch. New drainage system, exhaust and water purification is almost ready, and the construction of rainwater collectors are in a finalization phase. The cost of these works is 2 million euro.

Electricity supply system was modernized replacing the aging equipment in the distribution stations as well as a new main distribution point was build. In the ongoing phaze is the modernization of the entire lighting and signaling (runway, driveways, platform) as required by ICAO category III. For these works are spent 3 million euro. It is important to note that all measures have been taken in order for modernization and expansion works to not affect the operational work of CIA and schedule flights.