Arnulf Pucher: a working visit to evaluate the runway at KIV

The world-renowned German company "Strabag Grup" participates in the modernization and development project of Chisinau International Airport, initiated by "Avia Invest" – the airport managing company.

On 30-31 May 2017, a Strabag Grup Specialist Group, Arnulf Pucher – Technical Director, Rudiger Essfeld – Technical Sector Manager, Jakub Iurga – Technical Director of the international group, Alex Eckert – Auction Department Director, went to a working visit to evaluate the runway and Chisinau Airport platform reconstruction process.

They analysed the quality of carried out works concerning the concreting of platform on a surface of 45 thousand m2, the stabilization of the first layer of the side parts on a total length of 1100 m and the concrete works on the second runway on an area of 24 thousand m2.

At the meeting, Petru Jardan - General Manager "Avia Invest" also reported on the work plan for 2017, as well as other technical data regarding the construction of the aerodrome.

"This wide project is an exclusive one for the Republic of Moldova, the whole infrastructure of Chisinau Airport will be totally changed. Indeed, the quality of the works done on the new runway and the extended section of the platform is very good and it is obvious that they were carried out in compliance with the highest European standards. Under this project, Strabag Grup cooperates with the domestic company Exfactor Grup and we guarantee quality in what has been done so far and in the future works. I confirm this because we use the same working technology as for the major European airports", said Arnulf Pucher, Technical Director of Strabag Group.

Throughout its experience of over 150 years, "Strabag Grup" has developed more than 200 airport–specific projects known worldwide, namely Berlin, Cologne, Prague, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Soci , Sofia, Domodedovo, Sohar, Basra, etc.