Baggage checking system of the latest generation at KIV

To increase the safety of the passengers, the airport managing company Avia Invest purchased and put into operation at the Chisinau International Airport an X-ray check system.

The PX-MV 10.10 is an X-ray machine that has superior performance and thus greatly enhances the level of aeronautical safety. It has the ability to scan the base image by viewing it with a vertical and optionally horizontal geometry. The conveyor belt and the tunnel entrance contribute to the luggage processing and checking without manual help.

Similarly, the combination of the high-power receptacle results in a better result in image resolution and quality to facilitate the rapid detection of many suspected objects such as weapons, narcotics, explosives and other prohibited objects and substances.

Another advantage is that the system is transportable with an easy connection possibility. Thus, its multi-segment modular architecture may be transported individually through a door of a standard size and quickly reconnected. This feature allows the system to be deployed in several areas previously only accessible to smaller units.

Operators can interact with this system in the state language because the new support has several languages in the program.

We mention that the equipment is manufactured by American company L-3 Security & Detection Systems (SDS) - world leader in providing innovative aviation equipment and developing new security solutions on the world's largest airports. These were purchased by the Avia Invest company to improve security systems present in the airport, in the context of the ample plan to modernize Chisinau airport as well as in conditions of increasing dangers internationally.