The Airport parking lot will be closed

In the period preceding the European Political Community Summit, we inform you that Chisinau International Airport and its car parking lot will have a reduced program and will activate as follows:

· during the period 01.06 (00:01 a.m.) – 02.06 (07:00 a.m.) Chisinau International Airport is declared a temporarily restricted area. The general public will not have access to the Airport area;

· during the period 15.05 - 28.05, car parking on the lower floors will be prohibited. The upper floor will be available for parking;

· during the period 28.05 - 02.06 (until 07.00 a.m.) access to the parking lot will be prohibited, at all floors.

Car retrieve will be possible either until May 31 (23:00 p.m.) or after June 02 (07:00 a.m.).


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