City municipality does not allow the construction of a new terminal

Chisinau city municipality does not allow the construction of a new terminal at the airport.

The company that manages the airport cannot begin the design and construction of a new passenger terminal planned for the current year.

The municipality of Chisinau responded negatively to the application of Avia Invest regarding the receipt of an urban planning certificate for the design of a new terminal.

Avia Invest considers the refusal of municipal authorities to obtain a certificate required for the design and construction of a new terminal to be groundless and devoid of legal basis.

All the necessary documents and a sketch of the new structure were submitted by Avia Invest to the General Department of architecture, urban planning and land relations at the Chisinau city hall on January 28 this year.

The decision of the municipality to refuse the concessionaire's application for the construction of a new terminal is another episode of pressure, including political pressure, that Avia Invest has been subjected to over the past year. We also regret that the authorities are depriving people of thousands of jobs with these decisions.

Nevertheless, the administration continues to hope for the support and transparency of the authorities' actions in the implementation of this unique project for the Republic of Moldova. The success of public-private partnerships can only be achieved through honest and fair cooperation on both sides.

The design of the future terminal building, which looks like a unique architectural object, was presented to the public in early 2020. The facility with an area of up to 32,000 square meters could serve 4.2 million passengers annually, with the possibility of expanding at the first stage to 4.5 million.