Press release
June 5, 2020

The Metropolitan city hall still refuses to allow the construction of a new airport terminal.

The Manager of the Chisinau International Airport re-submitted, on May 4, 2020, the request and the necessary documents to the Chisinau city hall for obtaining a city planning certificate to start construction of a new passenger terminal.

However, the Metropolitan city hall for the second time gave a negative response to the application of Avia Invest. Moreover, the local authorities did not take into account that in the repeated request, Avia Invest made all the necessary changes in accordance with the new legal provisions for obtaining construction permits.

Even more perplexing about the refusal of the mayor's office is that the local authorities justify this decision by referring to the negative opinion provided in February, without re-examining the current request and new documents submitted by the airport administration.

Avia Invest considers these actions of local authorities as illegal, as well as they seriously violate the rights of the investor. The unmotivated refusal of the municipality puts the airport Manager in a difficult position and makes it impossible to fulfill contractual obligations in the process of upgrading the Chisinau international airport.

We regret that during this difficult period for the aviation industry, the authorities continue to consistently and aggressively undermine the activities of the airport investor, deprive people of jobs and jeopardize the implementation of such a unique project for the Republic of Moldova as the new passenger terminal of the airport.

It is planned that the future terminal will have an area of up to 32 thousand square meters and will be able to serve 4.2 million passengers annually, with the possibility of expanding at the first stage to 4.5 million passengers.