Electro system

Due to the modernization of the lighting system, Chisinau Airport will receive the CAT 3B category, as London Heathrow airport!

Due to the increased adverse weather and therefore reduced visibility affecting the flight schedule, Chisinau international airport continues to modernize the lighting equipment system.

Avia Invest invested more than 6.5 million euros in lighting upgrades, adapting the system to the highest, third category (CAT 3B), although the concession agreement did not provide for this.

Technical changes made by Avia Invest at the airport will increase the category from CAT 2 to CAT 3B. According to the standards of the International civil aviation organization, the CAT 3B designation allows landing of aircraft with horizontal visibility of 75 meters and vertical visibility of 15 meters. This means that the technical equipment of the airport ensures the safety of flights even in difficult weather conditions.

Thus, the Chisinau airport is provided with electricity from three alternative sources, and is also equipped with generators. In the event of a power outage, the power supply is restored in 0.5 seconds. The CAT 3B category is assigned to the best airports in the world, including London Heathrow, JFK in new York and Delhi airport.

Modernization of the lighting system included a whole range of works. In particular, the concessionaire replaced more than 200 kilometers of cables, purchased the latest Hella-Induperm equipment, and replaced all the necessary systems with the latest ones.

However, CAT 3B compliance requires upgrades not only at the airport itself. We have to adapt and other companies and the structure of civil aviation.

To implement CAT 3B, Moldatsa state enterprise must upgrade the course-glide system (ILS), airlines must equip aircraft with special equipment, and pilots must pass the appropriate training.

Avia Invest company, represented by the shareholder an Goncharenko, expects to combine the efforts of all those involved in the implementation of flights. The full implementation of the CAT 3B system will allow you to operate flights regardless of weather conditions, ensuring the comfort of passengers. For their part, Avia Invest and an Goncharenko are ready to provide assistance in speeding up this process