Increased passenger safety at KIV

The airport's administrator, Avia Invest, takes all measures necessary to ensure the comfort and security of its passengers, as well as for the safe organization of all operations, to high standards of quality and professionalism.

The airport's strategy aims at modernizing and continuously renewing airport’s systems and equipment, thus offering conditions of maximum comfort and safety those who choose to travel from Chisinau International Airport.

Therefore, the Chisinau International Airport complex was equipped with a new and ultra-modern fire detection system. The BOLID system is remarkable through the accuracy of fire detection, thus reducing the time for intervention and localization of possible fires while airport fire safety is at its highest level.

Elements of the data system allow for the most accurate identification of the location of the fire or smoke spread, thus reducing the firefighting team's response time and accelerating the process of locating possible fires. The BOLID system is an automatic sprinkler system designed for the immediate removal of the fire, significantly reducing the possibility of expansion in the building. To ensure good functionality, it has been equipped with Geberit Mapress system pipes that have high corrosion protection due to its high molybdenum alloy. These parts are produced by the renowned Swiss concern Geberit Group, being one of the world's leading international suppliers specializing in the promotion of sanitary technologies. Founded in 1874, this company is considered a pioneer in its field, constantly developing new trends due to innovative solutions.

The components of the Chisinau Airport’s aerodrome fire detection system hold Vds certification and "FM Approved" markings, often used in shipbuilding applications as well. As a result of the modernization of the airport terminal, at present, the service of the passengers became more operative and efficient, the most important thing being that it is carried out in maximum safety.