Chisinau Airport operates nonstop for snow removal

Snow removal equipment works at full capacity! Despite the abundant snowfall recorded today, the operational activity of Chisinau Airport is under normal conditions and the situation is under control.

No race operated on/from Chisinau Airport has been detained or canceled thanks to snow removal activity at Chisinau International Airport.

All Avia Invest endowment equipment and additional staff resources work continuously to shed 450,000 square meters of aircraft surface area. Throughout the day, approximately 15 tons of liquid reagents and 10 tons of granular reagents were applied steadily so that the aircrafts could take off and land safely. Moreover, the technical equipment is ready to intervene at night, as the snow will continue.

All flights are operated according to the flight schedule. Deviations from the schedule were recorded only at Chisinau-Bucharest-Chisinau flights, which were canceled due to weather conditions in Bucharest. At the same time, canceling or delaying the flights was strictly due to the airline's operating regulations in difficult weather conditions.
The flight status information is updated every 5 minutes on the official website of the airport and the Avia Invest representatives inform the passengers about the activity of Chisinau International Airport in given weather conditions.

We remind that Avia Invest provided the Chisinau Airport with the modern equipment necessary to intervene at any time in bad weather conditions.