International Court of Arbitration

Avia Invest files a lawsuit at International Court of Arbitration against the Government of the Republic of Moldova

Avia Invest notifies of the conclusion of an agreement with the international law firm Hillmont Partners to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Avia Invest in relations with the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the International arbitration for settlement of investment disputes (New York).

The tasks of the law firm include the analysis of legal and economic information with the involvement of experts and world-class companies (including those specializing in business intelligence and economic investigations), as well as the representation of Avia Invest in international arbitration.

Avia Invest intends to prove that the actions of the government of the Republic of Moldova in relation to the concessionaire do not comply with the conditions and obligations under the concession agreement, various international conventions and international law in General.

An analysis of the practice of international investment disputes shows that unilateral violation of contractual obligations by Governments in relation to investors is interpreted in terms of international law exclusively in favor of investors and the Government of the Republic of Moldova risks causing significant economic damage to the country.

Avia Invest will continue to adhere to the terms of the concession agreement, including on the issue of airport fees, and not on illegal decisions of the Parliament. Including Avia Invest will not succumb to political pressure.

Please note that Avia Invest has repeatedly provided financial assistance to individuals and organizations, as well as carried out other charitable and social actions.

Despite the fact that the aviation industry of our country is one of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and more than 800 employees only Avia Invest (not to mention the entire industry) are not in their jobs, the company is ready to continue to provide such assistance, as well as to participate financially in solving the consequences of the crisis caused by Covid-19. But the company will never succumb to political blackmail by the authorities.