New airport investor: 200 million euros of investment will be from private sources, not from the airport's revenue.

Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, which has become the owner of 95% of AVIA-INVEST shares, represented by the shareholder Goncharenko Andrei, will invest more than 200 million euros in the modernization of the Chisinau International Airport and create thousands of jobs in the process of building a new terminal. The goal of large-scale transformations will be to turn the airport into an international hub.

"As a beneficiary of Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, I declare my intention to launch in the spring of 2020 a large-scale project to modernize the Chisinau Airport, the budget of which will exceed 200 million euros. I want to emphasize that this will be private investment, and not at the expense of income from the airport's activities. According to my calculations, the launch of the investment project will create thousands of new jobs. This means that several thousand people will receive decent salaries and will be able to provide for their families without looking for a better life abroad. My dream and my intention is to turn Chisinau International Airport into a transnational hub. I am sure that this is achievable. The airport can and should become an important platform for connecting flights of various airlines with maximum comfort for passengers. I am sure that the international air hub in Chisinau will increase the investment attractiveness of the Republic of Moldova and will contribute to business development. Having become a beneficiary of Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, I announced that I intend to complete the modernization of the main runway reconstruction at Chisinau airport, accompanying the implementation and development of operational activities for long-haul flights. The project of the new terminal – the most modern in the region and revolutionary in its architectural solution – was also presented. I firmly believe that the large-scale changes that I intend to implement will improve the quality of services provided by the Chisinau Airport. I hope for the assistance of the Moldovan authorities in implementing this investment project" said Andrey Goncharenko, the new owner of Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, which has become the owner of 95% of AVIA-INVEST shares.