Avia-Invest, which manages Chisinau international airport, confirms that NR Investment Limited has transferred control over Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, which owns 95% of Avia-Invest's shares.

We also confirm the information published in the media that the beneficiary of Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd is a Russian businessman Andrey Goncharenko. "In recent years, the Chisinau airport under the management of the Concessionaire has developed dynamically. It is obvious that the further development of the airport as a regional transport center between Europe and Asia depends on the volume and stability of attracted investments. My plans include the construction of a new runway for intercontinental flights aircrafts and a new terminal, the most modern in the region, in the near future. As a new participant, I consider attracting investment to achieve my goals to be my first priority. There is a lot of work ahead. Our goal for the next few years is to increase passenger traffic to 5 million people," said Andrey Goncharenko.

Andrey Goncharenko is an entrepreneur and former top Manager of Gazprom, with business interests in various areas such as construction, infrastructure development, real estate and trade.

Avia-Invest guarantees all passengers and airlines that Chisinau international Airport will continue to provide high-quality services to all its clients and partners.