New Airport Information System

During the pandemic, also being in the conditions of unprecedented pressure from the authorities, Avia Invest concessionaire company which operates Chisinau International Airport managed to successfully complete the implementation of the new complex of information system.

AODB (Airport Operational Database) represents the airport’s operating and management system. AODB is the information core of any airport, a database that stores all technological information and records all operations.

Avia Invest Company took advantage of the unfavorable lull in regular flights of all airlines related to the coronavirus pandemic in a timely and competent manner and managed to benefit the passengers and airport services by introducing this system without serious obstacles.

This complex of systems complements the entire operational activity of the airport and is part of the general program for the complete re-equipment and renovation of the infrastructure.
The AODB system includes a new full-fledged operational database of the airport, a new system for managing and displaying information on screens in the terminal, as well as online scoreboard on the airport website. Thanks to the introduction of this system, all structures operating at the airport use an updated interface to display the information necessary for passenger service.

The functionality of this complex of systems significantly increased the degree of automation of obtaining and distributing the operational information, simplified and accelerated the process of interaction between airport services.

Employees of 14 airport services operate on data received and processed by this updated system. All employees were trained by the French company RESA Airport Data Systems, which, in cooperation with the Moldovan IT company Sonacom Grup SRL, fully implemented the communication system at Chisinau International Airport.
In total, this latest system is designed to provide operational interaction between employees of 22 structural divisions at the airport.

With the modernization of the AODB information system, Chisinau Airport has also launched a new version of its official website -, which is designed to facilitate communication with passengers and the public. In just a few clicks, users can get all the necessary information regarding flight schedules, flight directions, airport and airline services, and much more. The new version of the website is much easier and more dynamic, the page content is more structured.
The website was designed in an innovative style, taking into account the features and style of the airport as well as modern trends in this field.

This version also offers new features. For example, the purchase of tickets directly from airlines and the online check-in service. In addition, users can take part in a virtual tour of the airport and track flights in real-time via fly radar.

The airport’s official website also contains all the information regarding the services offered by the airport, such as Parking and VIP services, prices and other services. And the site’s users can find the most relevant information about the airport’s activities in the 'News' section.
Available in Russian, Romanian and English, the new version of the website provides high-speed navigation through the tabs, thereby providing excellent quality and relevance of the content.
The cost of implementing the AODB communication information system is estimated at more than 220 thousand euros.