KIV Luggage security control upgraded: new X-ray equipment acquired

In the context of the extensive modernization plan of Chisinau Airport, which is in full swing now, and due to the current international situation, marked by the need to ensure a higher level of security of public transport institutions, SRL Avia Invest invests in aeronautical security.

By providing with new security equipment for the safety of passengers, staff and airport visitors. For this purpose, new X-ray equipment was purchased for the security control of all types of luggage – stationary and portable metal detectors brand L-3 Security & Detection Systems. With over 30 years of experience and more than 50,000 security systems deployed worldwide, US manufacturer L-3 Security & Detection Systems is a world leader in providing innovative aviation equipment and developing new security solutions that protect the traveling public. This last-gen equipment is intended for the detection of explosive substances and prohibited articles in hand luggage, and correspond to the requirements submitted to the security equipment by the international institutions in the field (ICAO, ECAC). At the same time, X-ray machines are capable of automatically detecting flammable liquids as well as aerosols and gels inside the luggage, which will help reduce the crowding of passengers at checkpoints, without the need for LAGs (liquids, aerosols and gels) to be separated from hand luggage. Likewise, this equipment offers the possibility to examine hand luggage in several projections and it has automatic and manual archive of the scanned luggage. The stationary metal detectors are equipped with pass counters, which excludes contraflux passes. This equipment costs MDL 15 million and complements existing security systems at the airport which assure the security of the passangers, airport staff and country borders in the face of terrorist threats.