New terminal

Avia Invest begins construction of the largest passenger terminal in the region.

Avia Invest, which manages the airport, presented a sketch of the project for the new IAC terminal. The area of the building for passenger service and baggage operations will be 55,000 square meters. The terminal will be able to serve 4.2 million passengers a year with the possibility of increasing passenger traffic to 4.5 million people. The project includes five aerobridges that are intended for embarkation/disembarkation of passengers.

When developing the concept, the architects wanted to achieve a unique and innovative visual appearance of the building. The large hall in the departure and arrival area was designed to achieve terminal expansion without disrupting operational processes. The building includes a functional "center" equipped with facilities for passenger service and efficient baggage management and telescopic ladders for boarding and disembarking passengers.

The modern concept building is a real architectural creation. The terminal is designed in the same style, and the facades of the Northern and Southern zones are entirely made of stained glass. Some of the architectural elements are made in the form of consoles that protect the interior space, the main entrance and exit in the terminal building from sunlight.

The integrated roof profile creates a stable supporting structure. Part of the roof is glazed for additional lighting of the interior space, and the drainage system allows to reuse the collected water for technical needs. The terminal has direct access to existing access roads. At the same time, the old and new terminals have separate entrances. Both during construction and after commissioning of the new terminal, the functionality of the old terminal will not be affected.

The new project also provides for the construction of a Parking zone that will fully meet the needs of passengers of the new terminal in Parking. The new terminal building, its appearance and functionality complement the unique design of the Chisinau International Airport. The concept of the new terminal of Chisinau airport was developed by S. S. ARHISTRAT DECO S. R. L., Vasile Stratu – author of the project, ARHISTRAT DECO Team: A. S. P. Stratu Vasile, architect Cojocaru Nicoleta, Architect Lemne Elena on the theme of design Avia-Invest, in collaboration with SC AF ARCHITECTS SRL, represented by architect Vladimir Pinzaru.