Chisinau Airport is working at an intense pace at night!

Concreting works on the new runway are now on the last hundred meters.

Under high temperature conditions, the managing company of Chisinau International Airport – Avia Invest allocates the necessary resources so that the course of reconstruction works carried out at the aerodrome could not be interrupted. Thus, in order to observe the terms stipulated in the reconstruction plan, it is working at an intense pace at night also. Similarly, the number of transport units involved in this process has doubled. Every day there are over 120 cars and special modern equipment working on the Chisinau Airport site.

Note that repairs and reconstruction works are currently carried out in several directions simultaneously and cover the area of both the terminal and the aerodrome. Some of the proposed objectives have already been successfully implemented, with the company implementing the most efficient solutions so that Chisinau International Airport could be maintained as one of the most modern and secure airports in the region.