Press release
May 14, 2020

AVIA INVEST invests 170 million euros in airport development, and 100 million lei in population support projects

AVIA INVEST confirms that its position remains unchanged in its relations with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova. It consists in stating an obvious and easily provable fact: the financial claims made by AVIA INVEST represent a penalty for historical debts of Air Moldova, which were formed during the period when THIS company was managed by the state.

In the current crisis situation triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all States of the world are trying to help the aviation industry, realizing how severe the consequences of flight cancellations and the termination of normal operating activities of airports are for it. A rare and unpleasant exception is the Republic of Moldova, which abandoned aviation and related enterprises to their fate, offering to get out of the crisis on their own.

This is what AVIA INVEST, the concessionaire of Chisinau International Airport, is currently doing. Working in unprecedented difficult conditions, the company's shareholders find the strength and opportunities to move forward and solve problems, many of which are provoked by the state itself.

Thus, one of the founders of AVIA INVEST decided to provide a large loan to pay off all current debts that arose due to the pandemic and the actual termination of the operation of the Chisinau International Airport, as well as historical debts that were not due to the fault of AVIA INVEST.

No later than May 15, absolutely all financial obligations of the company, including claims of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova, will be fulfilled in full.

AVIA INVEST also notifies ABOUT the signed agreement on the allocation of funds from investors in the amount of 170 million euros, which will be available in the next 30 days. We are proud to announce this, because in the context of the pandemic crisis and the uncertainty associated with it, only a company with a reputation as a reliable and solvent partner could receive such significant funding. These funds will be used for further implementation of investment obligations under the concession agreement of the Chisinau International Airport. This includes the construction of a new passenger terminal, cargo terminal, completion of a new runway, expansion of car Parking, landscaping, and so on. The planned activities of Aviainvest will create about 9,000 new jobs for citizens of the Republic of Moldova, which in our opinion is extremely important for the economy of our country, as well as significantly improve the infrastructure of the entire airport complex. Upon completion of the planned works, Chisinau international airport will become one of the most modern In the CIS and Eastern Europe.

AVIA INVEST company emphasizes that it has performed previously, is able to perform now and intends to perform in the future all its obligations in full. Including moral obligations to Moldovan citizens that are not included in any of the official documents.

Contrary to the rumors of some politicians, AVIA INVEST and its shareholders are not experiencing financial problems to fulfill long-term obligations, and the current problems are artificially created by the authorities in the Wake of the COVID pandemic.

Despite the continuing illegal and inappropriate actions of the authorities in relation to AVIA INVEST, in particular, and the additional tax imposed on our company in the amount of 4.5 euros per departing passenger (which we do not agree with and will appeal), AVIA INVEST even in the current crisis situation is looking for an opportunity to help people who are currently in real distress.
AVIA INVEST announces the development of a new social program for a total of 100 million lei. These funds will be used to implement numerous social projects throughout the country aimed at supporting and improving the lives of citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

AVIA INVEST believes that the crisis is an absolute reason to show such qualities as solidarity and social responsibility.