Press release
May 18, 2020
part 2

AVIA INVEST accuses Dodon of raider attack on company

The company Avia Invest is demanding heavy pressure and abuse from state authorities, especially President Igor Dodon, and is threatening a costly trial at an international arbitration court.
The representatives of the company have been referred to in a press conference, the final declaration and the decisions of the authorities of Igor Dodon, saying that he is ready to declare the insolvency of the company, the concession of the Chisinau international Airport, but the statement on Monday to the prime minister, Ion Chicu about the fact that the procedure can begin immediately.

"These actions can be qualified as raider methods, which complicated the work of Avia Invest and so totally affected by the pandemic. It is very clear that they are part of a destructive scenario and it is coordinated from the highest level," said the company's director Boris Salov.

In this context, he also referred to the situation created in which the company has the necessary financial resources, but can not use them to pay debts to the state, because the whole state prevents the use of that money, being about 4 million euros. "Avia Invest cannot receive 2 million euros that Air Moldova has debts, because the bank has blocked this money. Similarly, another 1.75 million euros, transferred by one of the company's shareholders, Andrei Goncharenco, are locked in another bank. It's an absurd situation when money is, but we can't use it, including money from our own shareholder. This is only possible as a result of state involvement," Salov said.

"We can already say that they are locked in command, taking into account Igor Dodon's statements that there is an elaborate plan and three ways that they would discuss with the state authorities in order to make Avia Invest run out of its assets," said lawyer Victor Panţăru.

The company believes that open threats from the authorities have led it to address the Court of Arbitration in Stockholm and does not exclude that it will address other international courts, including the European Court of human rights, where Moldova has previously lost several similar cases.

"The conclusion is that the state is doing nothing but to concert an attack on the company to take its assets. It can not be neglected that SRL Avia Invest has invested money and has a business plan. We truly believe that the courts will show stoicism and will not be manipulated by politicians in order to approve acts that will subsequently be challenged. Even if we do not find justice nationally, we will find it internationally. The abuses are in an unprecedented manner until now," said Victor Panţăru.

AVIA INVEST became the concessionaire of the Chisinau International Airport in the summer of 2013. The concession agreement was concluded for a period of up to 49 years.