Press release
May 20, 2020
part 4

Pressure from the state continues, although the company has paid off all debts

Avia Invest company fully repaid its debts to the state within the terms stipulated by law for voluntary performance. Despite this, there are signs of ongoing pressure to artificially declare the company insolvent.

Avia Invest Director Boris Salov and lawyer Viktor Pantsiru announced on Wednesday, May 20, that all debts to the state have been repaid, and the company is fully functional. "The company no longer has any debts to the state, they were repaid within the terms stipulated for voluntary performance. Other debts have also been paid" Viktor Pantsyru said.

At the same time, the authorities, apparently, did not stop the insolvency procedure. "The state is still seeking to declare Avia Invest insolvent, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. We hope that the courts, being the pillars of a democratic society, will not allow political interference in business activities", added Victor Pantsiru.

Boris Salov noted that this attitude of the state to a private investor will hit the country's image. "Does anyone want to invest in Moldova when such lawlessness is created because of the whims of one person," he asked.

Avia Invest invested more than 90 million euros in the modernization of Chisinau international airport, which was confirmed by audits, including state ones. Despite this, the company was subject to political pressure, which increased in the summer of 2019. In recent months, as the aviation industry around the world has been hit by the pandemic, pressure from the authorities, and especially President Igor Dodon, has grown even more.

Avia Invest regards this as an attempt at raiding. The company appealed to the international arbitration court in Stockholm, filing a lawsuit against the government for 885 million euros.