Press release
May 20, 2020

The company Avia Invest found out that on May 18th the Civil Aviation Authority filed an application to the Chisinau court to initiate the insolvency proceedings of the company.

The company has repeatedly spoken about the cynicism, rudeness and total illegality of these actions, as well as the fact that Avia Invest has in its accounts financial sources that far exceed the needs. However, the state blocks this money by preventing it from being used to pay the debt.

It is clear that the sole purpose of such actions is to take over the company through forced insolvency. This is a state-level raider attack, supported by the president of the country.

It is a "pure coincidence" that Judge Alexander Arhip, who was assigned to deal with this case, is none other than Maxim Lebedinschi's brother-in-law. Who is Maxim Lebedinschi in the structure of Dodon's power, is known to everyone – the executor of his orders on legal matters.

By another "pure coincidence", the godson of the current Minister of Justice Fadei Nagacevschi – Igor Sacaliuc (Purcel) is to be appointed administrator of this artificial insolvency procedure. Who Fadei Nagacevschi is and how subordinate he is to Dodon, too, knows the whole society.

Avia Invest will not allow such an illegality and requests the recusal of Judge Alexander Arhip from examining the case.

The company asks the courts to be guided only by the legal norm and common sense, and to understand what will be the legal consequences of complicity in the raider seizure of Avia Invest SRL.