Press release
May 25, 2020

Avia Invest claims that it does not have any debts to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the state budget.

All bills for the CAA supervision services, as well as taxes to the budget related to the company's economic activities, have been paid.

The Executive process, which became the basis of the procedure for declaring the company insolvent, was suspended. Attached below is a copy of the bailiff's opinion regarding the termination of the enforcement process.

Thus, the administration of the Chisinau International Airport asks the authorities of the Republic of Moldova and the Civil Aviation Authority to withdraw their claim to initiate the insolvency process of the company, since Avia Invest has fulfilled all its obligations regarding payments to the state budget and the state administration.

Otherwise, continuing such actions would once again demonstrate a desire to illegally take over the company by raiding in the interests of certain political groups.

The way the Chisinau airport investor has been treated and is being treated is a Wake-up call for potential foreign investors and only worsens the investment climate in the Republic of Moldova.