Press release
May 28, 2020

Avia Invest has proved its full financial viability, despite all attempts by the authorities to prevent settlements on obligations and initiate compulsory bankruptcy proceedings.

Another unprecedented attack by the authorities began on May 21, 2020, after a meeting of the security Council and a speech by President Igor Dodon that Avia Invest was bankrupt and the concession would be canceled in two weeks.

We inform the public that on May 26, the Chisinau Court issued a decision to refuse to initiate bankruptcy proceedings and return the application to the CAA without consideration.

This decision is completely fair and legal, while Avia Invest still believes that it has become a victim of political games of the authorities, despite the fact that It has repeatedly declared its complete non-involvement in politics.

Avia Invest notes that there are not only grounds for bankruptcy, but also for cancellation of the concession agreement. We are confident that all the legal proceedings initiated in the Republic of Moldova against Avia Invest, as well as the process in the international arbitration court of Stockholm, will finally put an end to all illegal actions of the authorities against the company and its shareholders.

Aviainvest confirms its readiness to further modernize the infrastructure of the Chisinau International Airport and its current investment of 170 million euros.