Press release
May 7, 2020

Avia Invest believes that the information provided by the civil aviation Authority in a press release on May 6 is manipulative and does not correspond to the real situation related to the so-called debt of Avia Invest.

In this difficult period, when the aviation industry around the world is suffering huge losses due to the pandemic, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova resort to manipulation and pressure, destroying the industry instead of supporting it like civilized countries.

Avia Invest clarifies that the 22 million lei that the civil aviation Authority (CAA) presented as a debt to Avia Invest is part of the penalty as a result of the historical debt of Air Moldova from the time when it was still managed by the state.

Consequently, Air Moldova's debts to Avia Invest caused a delay in payments to the civil aviation Authority. And now, in a period of deep crisis, the investor is forced to pay a penalty for the penalty caused by the incompetent management of the state airline. The state, like the old woman who is a percentage-taker from Dostoevsky's novel, cashes in on others, I think only of my own profit. Note that the amount of debt was fully paid by the RSA, including part of the penalty. And enforcement of the remaining penalty during the crisis is devoid of at least common sense and does not demonstrate good intentions towards the company Avia Invest.

Please note that the arrest imposed on the accounts of Avia Invest deprives more than 600 people of their salaries. And this is in the context of an unprecedented social and economic crisis. In other words, the state is trying to get rich during a crisis!

Confirmation of the government's intervention in this situation is also the haste with which the RSA distributed a message with accusations against the economic agent.

Despite the current situation and the consequences of the pandemic, Avia Invest has adopted a loyal policy towards airlines, freeing them from fees. Economic agents at the airport are also exempt from rent.

The airport administration has decided to adopt a friendly and understanding attitude towards its aviation partners, although pressure from the authorities continues to undermine the economic activities of Avia Invest.

We also supported the operational activity of the airport, actually worked at our own expense and served flights on which our compatriots returned from abroad.