Press release
May 8, 2020

Regarding the flight that the Ministers of Health and Internal Affairs of Bucharest returned to Romania, Avia Invest states the following:

Landing and take-off of the aircraft were not subject to duties on behalf of the airport.

Service of any type of flights by the Chisinau airport, regardless of whether it is a commercial or humanitarian flight, must follow a certain procedure.

In this case, no government Agency, including the Civil Aviation Authority, provided any documents confirming the humanitarian status of the flight.

The subsequent delay of the flight, which lasted about 20 minutes, was caused by the lack of documents confirming the humanitarian status of the flight and exempting it from tax charges based on the resolution of the Emergency Commission.

We remind you that takeoffs and landings of aircraft at Chisinau airport are carried out only on the basis of a permit issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.