The reconstruction works on the second runway at KIV on the last hundred meters!

The reconstruction plan of the second runway at Chisinau International Airport, started by Avia Invest, is almost done.

On the working set for the current step has been carried out the dismantling of three layers of asphalt to a depth of 2 meters over an area of 40 000 m2 of the surface of the new runway and other three taxiways. At present, a number of processes take place simultaneously across the work area, as, removing the ground to the hard soil layer, scraping old gravel layer and protecting the existing engineering networks.

Also, the stock of construction materials needed for construction of the runway is intensively supplemented with 3 types of granite and 2 types of sand. Simultaneously, on the unfinished portion of the runway of 680m, the appropriate preparation works are made for the installation of lighting, wiring of a new network, the meteorological measuring and control equipment to weather and storm drainage system.

At the same time, on the unfinished portion of the 680m runway, appropriate preparation works are carried out for the installation of the lighting system, a new wiring network, meteorological equipment for measuring and controlling the weather conditions and the rainwater evacuation system.

The decision to build the second runway at Chisinau International Airport was taken by Avia Invest so that it would be possible to operate non-stop flights at the airport during the reconstruction of the main take-off/landing. This will avoid the suspension of flights and restricting air traffic on Chisinau Airport.

The reconstruction project is being carried out by the Exfactor-group company, in collaboration with "Strabag Grup" – a world-renowned Austrian company that has carried out such projects at airports of Berlin, Cologne, Prague, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Soci, Sofia, Domodedovo, etc.