Registration area from KIV extended and completely renovated

"Avia Invest" allocates all the necessary resources for the expansion and modernization of the terminal in order to create the optimal conditions for the flow of passengers at the Chisinau International Airport.

Thus, the entire passenger registration area has been expanded, refurbished and re-equipped with preformat equipment meeting European standards.

Due to the planning, optimization of passenger area, its surface increased significantly from 680 m2 to 1100 m2. The floor and ceiling were completely renewed with materials that meet the highest fire safety and sanitary requirements.

In collaboration with the European manufacturer, the LED lighting system has been improved, which has increased the level of comfort in the registration area, but has also significantly reduced the electricity consumption.

In order to avoid crowding in passenger registration area, six new passenger registration counters were installed and thus their number increased from 12 to 18.

Also, a new luggage processing system, produced by the German leader SRK Systems, specialized in the production of automatic and multi-tiered cargo and luggage processing systems, has been added to the two existing lanes. At the same time, the representatives of this company have modernized the existing luggage processing system. SRK Systems holds a dominant position in this field, delivering this type of equipment to over 40 airports in the world such as Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Russia etc.

In parallel, the luggage verification system has been improved by installing new X-ray equipment. These are manufactured by the renowned US manufacturer – L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems and are some of the most advanced systems of its kind. Thus, the level of aeronautical security has been substantially increased.

The launched system is an advanced one that allows baggage handling at 0.25 m/second and is equipped with weighing equipment produced by the European leader – SOEHNLE.
The useful life of the entire system is over 20 years and the technical characteristics fully comply with all European standards.

 Also, a new conditioning system, of the fourth generation, has been installed, being one of the most modern and sophisticated. It is specially designed for very large spaces with increased cooling and air heating capacity providing a pleasant atmosphere for all travelers. The manufacturer of the system is the world-renowned Japanese company Daikin.

A new ultra-modern system installed is the fire detection system.

The BOLID system is remarkable by the accuracy of fire detection, reducing the intervention and localization of possible fires.
As a result of these changes, the passenger service process has become more operative and efficient, and passenger registration - more comfortable and fast, but the most important thing is that it is accomplished with maximum safety.

Due to the constant increase of passengers at Chisinau Airport, Avia Invest implements progressive solutions and invests in airport infrastructure to ensure flexibility of flow and high service levels.