Notice regarding the revision of the tariffs of the multi-storey parking lot of the Chisinau International Airport

According to the request of the Prime Minister, the tariff policy for parking in the perimeter of the airport was revised.

According to the new rates, over 90% of the beneficiaries, most of whom are citizens of the Republic of Moldova, will park for free or at the old rate of 10 lei/hour.
We note that approximately 93% of parked cars have a stationary time of a maximum of 3 hours.
In addition, the time for free parking increases from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

The new rates are:
The first 45 minutes of parking will be free;
The first 3 hours of parking will be at a rate of 10 MDL per hour;
For the following hours, from 4-10 hours, the rate will be 20 MDL/hour;
For the first 1-7 days the rate will be 200 MDL/day;
To prevent abuses, starting with day 8, the tariff
it will be 400 MDL/day;

The new rates will come into effect starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 8.