Chisinau Airport continues to promote itself

Present at the most important event of the worldwide aviation "Routes Europe 2019" in Hannover, Germany, the Avia Invest team was nominated for the "Marketing Awards 2019" prize. This year, Chisinau Airport participates at the event with a creative stand, inspired by the traditions and pride of the country – Moldovan wines, the map of Moldova being illustrated by bottles.

The unique elements of the stand are an attraction for thousands of visitors of the forum, who also get the opportunity to taste the Moldovan wine and to appreciate the work of our people. Thus, Avia Invest shows the great potential not only of the airport, but also of the whole country. Participation in the "Routes Europe" forum and nomination for the prize stands for recognition of the excellence in the marketing services that were offered according to the criteria applied by the airlines. Chisinau Airport also promotes our country as a destination to over 1200 delegates from the aircraft and tourism field. During the forum, Avia Invest representatives discuss new business opportunities with the major airlines and tourism authorities in the region in order to diversify the flight destinations from Chisinau and to position Moldova's airport as an attractive international hub. Chisinau Airport has been nominated in the category with a flow of up to 4 million passengers, along with Billund, Zagreb, Kalamata and Antwerp airports. The Marketing Awards 2019 award ceremony will take place at the "Routes Europe" conference on April 9. Routes Europe 2019 takes place in the period from April 8 to 10 and this year brings together over 300 airports and 100 airlines around the world.