Avia Invest presents: The Crew – a proud symbol of KIV

Sculpture aims to be a symbol of the airport and to represent well-being, safety and a peaceful flight.

Avia Invest came up with this beautiful idea to create an art object, as an attribute of the country's airport, thus managing to offer both Moldovan and foreign passengers a symbol, which will always remind them of the Republic of Moldova and the travel experience through Chisinau International Airport. The work was realized by the famous sculptor, Veaceslav Jiglițchi, honorary citizen of the Capital, a distinction given to him for his contribution to the culture and art of sculpture in Chisinau. Veaceslav Jigliţchi already has over 50 sculptures created, and for his merits he has received numerous awards both in the country and abroad.

“From the most distant times, sculpture has been considered as a mean of artistic expression. It has a very powerful symbolism. I was honored to work on this project and from the first moments I looked very positively at the idea of Avia Invest. It is a very complex sculpture which took a lot of work and I have put a lot of soul into it”, mentioned the author of the sculpture, Veaceslav Jigliţchi.

The sculpture "The Crew" represents in itself the idea that these characters, the pilot and the stewardesses, are the most important in ensuring the comfort and safety of the passengers during the flight. Being at the helm of the plane, the pilot embodies the image of confidence, professionalism and safety of a flight. Shaking the hand of the ship's commander also has a symbolic connotation, this gesture means good luck. The stewards are the ones who keep the warm atmosphere on board and ensure the comfort of the travelers. This project of Avia Invest comes to support and promote the cultural values of the country, emphasizing the importance of art even in the field of aviation. Moreover, Chisinau International Airport is also the visiting card of the country on an international level, and this sculpture represents a memorable symbol, offering fame not only to the airport, but also to the Republic of Moldova.