The number of security checkpoints for passengers at KIV doubled

Within Chisinau International Airport was put into operation new security equipment, recently purchased by Avia Invest in order to enhance passengers’ safety.

It’s about the manual and gate-type metal detectors and X-ray scanners for the luggage control.

Due to the new equipment, the number of checkpoints was doubled. To the 2 existing checkpoints another 2 were added, which will significantly enhance the passenger service capacity, will ease the traffic and will help avoid queues formation.

The next-generation scanners examine luggage in three screenings, have an automatic archive of scanned luggage and are able to detect in automatic mode inflammable liquids, aerosols and gels, as well as explosives. This feature will significantly reduce the checking time and will help avoid queues formation at checkpoints. Besides basic facilities, gate-type metal detectors have the feature of counting crossings and alarms.

The manufacturer of this equipment is the American company L-3 Security & Detection Systems – a world leader in providing innovative aviation equipment and developing new security solutions for the largest airports in the world.

The cost of new security equipment amounts 15 million lei. It was purchased by Avia Invest company to perfect existing security systems within the airport, in the context of increasing international dangers. The equipment was highly appreciated by Border Police officers, who are responsible for security control process before the flight.

Note that Chisinau International Airport is the first in CIS to implement such advanced security and control systems.