Avia Invest announces: works on over 100,000 m2 of runway completed

The Avia Invest company, which administrates the Chisinau International Airport, announces the completion of the works on the runway on a total area of ​​over 100,000 m2.

These works were planned for 2015. At the same time, the concrete production unit was brought into operation, brought and installed on the Chisinau International Airport by the German company Strabag Grup. According to the German giant, in the world there are only 7 plants with such capacity (200 m3/hour), which can produce any brand of concrete. Currently the plant produces semi-dry concrete, for the lower layers of the runway. The semi-dry concrete has been already applied in 2 layers on an area of ​​10,000 m2. The unit is serviced by only 8 specialists, brought to Moldova by the German company. Practically the entire production process is automated. At the same time, on the last hundred meters, for stabilization works, a special high density binder was used, whis was brought from Romania.

"As you can see, the construction works are advancing and the quality of the works performed is the key element that our team attach special importance to. Therefore, each step is under strict supervision and ends with laboratory tests, which show us if all standards and norms have been followed. Every 25 meters of surface the samples are taken, which are later included in the technical book", said Petru Jardan, General Manager of Avia Invest.

In the process of carrying out the works, the builders have found a "surprise".

"When we started digging, we discovered a thick layer of black earth under the runway. We were amazed, because this type of soil is light, of low density. It cannot under any circumstances be placed under the supporting surfaces. It is contrary to the building rules. This should be the reason, why cracks have been always appearing on the surface of the runway. We had to remove about 100,000 m3 of chernozem and bring in clay soil, which can be compacted to the required density" said the director of Exfactor-grup company, Vladimir Tonu.

After the completion of the reconstruction work, the carrying capacity of the platform and runway will be increased essentially, and as a result the airport will be able to receive and service all types of aircraft, without any restrictions. At the moment, about 100 workers and 35 technical units are involved in the reconstruction of the platform. More than 100 tons of cement (5 trucks), over 1000 tons of gravel (55 trucks) and 500 tons of sand (25 trucks) are used daily. Avia Invest carries out a comprehensive plan for modernizing and developing the airport, according to the conditions and terms stipulated in the concession contract. Both domestic companies and internationally renowned international groups participate in the project of reconstruction and expansion of the airport.