New ventilation conditioning system installed at KIV

Avia Invest, the administrator of Chisinau International Airport, announces the installation of a new ventilation and air conditioning system in the passenger terminal.

The installed system of the latest generation is specially designed and designed for large rooms for the purpose of cooling and heating the air. At the same time, the system is equipped with an air recovery function, which makes it energy efficient and significantly reduces energy consumption. Thanks to this function the system has a high heating efficiency when the outdoor air temperature is lower -25°C.

The system is equipped with an external distribution unit that allows you to control it at a distance, as well as internal units that are installed in the terminal building.

After installation, the airport's technical staff took a training course, during which they got acquainted with the principles of the system's operation.

The new ventilation and air conditioning system installed in the terminal of the Chisinau International Airport was manufactured by Daikin. As a rule, the warranty for such technologies is 2 years, but in the case of this system, the Japanese company provided a guarantee for a period of 5 years.

The total cost of the new ventilation system is almost 1 million euros.