Vertical garden – a unique project conducted at KIV

Vertical gardens, or as they are also called – vegetal walls represent the latest landscape concept of the 21st century. These are perfect decorations distinguished by uniqueness, personality, elegance and style.

This idea has been successfully implemented at Chisinau Airport. Currently, passengers from the waiting area of the departures terminal are able to enjoy the unique aesthetic appearence of the vertical garden, which creates the impression of living nature. This project was conducted by “Grădini Verticale” company, which is one of three largest Romanian companies in its field, conducting project in large cities from Romania, Republic of Moldova and soon in Switzerland. Based on idea taken from Patrick Blanc – the creator of "green" walls, the company operates extensively since 2011, but applying its own developed system. The project conducted at Chisinau International Airport is the second largest project implemented by the company.

On this living panel, with a surface of 38 m2, there are 25 perennial species and varietes, inserted into a vertical garden. The arrangement has a total amount of over 1000 plants that give a special visual effect. Unlike other producers, the experts from "Grădini Verticale" ensure a negligible plant mortality rate of only 5%, if the Vegetal wall is maintained according to the conditions, provided by them.

Vertical garden has a comprehensive set of benefits, including: it has its individual system for irrigation and fertilization of plants, it purifies the air and adjusts air humidity, it provides a positive psychological effect and it can be also used for phonic isolation, etc.

Avia Invest – the administrator of the airport, wanted to implement a completely innovative idea in order to offer a spectacular attraction during the waiting time. Company’s goal was to give the waiting room within the terminal, a new look with pleasant elements, which would directly contribute to creating a relaxing ambience for the passengers.