Passengers with children

At International Airport Chisinau passengers with children can use a special Mother-and-child room. The room is for children of the preschool age who should be accompanied by one parent. In both general access area and sterile zone Mother-and-child room services are free of charge.

For the supplementary information please contact the Airport Call Center, which is situated on the first floor of the terminal.

Category of passengers divided into two groups depending on their age: children up to 2 years and children from 2 up to 12 years old.

As a rule, these categories are entitled to the discounts. One infant of age of up to two years is entitled to the discount of 90% of the adult fare, with no separate seat offered. If you are traveling with more than one infant – you will need to fly with one more adult or as one more option, you will have to purchase one more ticket with the discount of 25% or 33% (charge for the age group between 2 years to 12 years) from an adult fare, providing the separate seat.

A child of age from 2 years to 12 years is entitled to a discount of 25 % or 33 % of the adult fare (depending on the chosen destination and the airline rules).

A child over the age of 12 years usually has to pay an adult ticket fare. Although, sometimes the airlines offer special promotions (please inquire in advance about availability of discounts).

If at the moment of departure, the child is younger than 2 years or 12 years and on the moment of arrival, the child is already 2 years or 12 years old, there is a rule of the "age at the time of departure" which means that you will get your ticket for the lower price.

Generally, discounts on tickets for children are governed by specific rules of every airline. Therefore, before purchasing any tickets, it is necessary to consult airlines representative in order to find out all your flight details. For the supplementary information please contact your air-carrier.

Unaccompanied children

For checking-in of unaccompanied children it is necessary to address to the representative of airline-carrier before the flight.

Please note that for the supplementary information concerning documents for unaccompanied children flight under 18 years old and providing a power of attorney duly you should contact your air-carrier.