Transportation of animals, plants and food

Pet transportation may be accepted only with prior approval of the airline company.

To be sure that you can travel with your pet you will need a health certificate, provided by your veterinarian, in order to comply with the rules of the airlines. The passenger takes all the responsibilities as for the pet transportation.

Transportation of animal is carried in special containers and only in the cabin of the aircraft (except Guide animal and specially trained animals), and the maximum weight, including container, should not exceed 8 kg and maximum sum of dimensions not more than 115 cm (the weight of the accompanied pets, as well as the weight of the container and of the food, are not included in the free baggage allowance, and are always charged according to the normal excess baggage rate for the journey).

In order to have a pleasant flight, it is recommended to inform in advance the Special Assistance team of the Airline that you plan to travel with your pet. For more information consult the Airline Customer Service and Veterinary Service before your flight.

The full list of documents necessary for the transportation of pet animals or products of animal origin is available with the Sanitary and Veterinary Control Unit situated in the Airport at the phone number +373 22 52 54 89 or +373 69490693 (24 hours), or

Transportation of Plants and Products of Plant Origin

If you plan to transport plants or products of plant, please address to the Phyto Control Service that can provide you with information about rules applied to their transportation.

Contact telephone number of the Phyto Control Service: +373 22 52 40 10 (24 hours).