Travel documents

The passenger is liable for properly preparing his/her travel documents, observing laws, Government’s decisions, regulations and guidelines issued by state authorities of the country of departure/arrival/transit.

The airline reserves the right to deny the access on board of the passenger who did not duly prepare his/her travel documents.

Before starting the trip, make sure you have not forgotten the following documents:

  • passport with a valid visa
  • air ticket (paper or electronic one)
  • other documents needed to enter/exit the country.


For more information concerning passport requirements please contact the border control service: +373 22 25 97 17

Additional information can be found here:


Airtickets can be purchased from airlines or ticketing agencies depending on the chosen destination.

Additional information about ticket cost, booking, purchasing, also ticket refund or change can be obtained from the air carrier or agency from which you bought such ticket. In order to find out to which airline to address to, click on the information about airlines and choose your flight destination.


Dear passengers, visas are issued by consular missions or embassies of the state you are planning to visit.

Embassies and Consular Missions in the Republic of Moldova: DIPLOMATIC LIST

Foreign citizens can apply for visas at diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova only.

The requirements for entrying/exiting a country depend mainly on governmental agreements which are subject to continuous change. Additional reliable information could be found on the web-site

Other Documents Required for Entry/Exiting a Country

Depending on the situation you might need other documents required to cross the border of the Republic of Moldova or other states.

Contact the office of the airline you are flying with for the list of required travel documents.

Contacts of airlines are available  here.