Medical aid unit

In case of emergency and if medical assistance is needed (in case of any illness, trauma, detection of a contagious patient), it is necessary to call the ambulance at 112 or the airport’s medical unit at the number (+373 22) 52 54 82.

Medical aid unit is located on the 1st floor in the right wing of the airport terminal. Here the passengers are provided with qualified emergency medical assistance and consulted on some negative flight factors, which may have a bad impact on people’s health.

Highly qualified personnel of the medical aid unit are available round the clock to provide medical assistance to the passengers. Besides, the staff of the medical aid unit assists passengers who need emergency medical assistance, to get off the plane, on landing.

Emergency medical assistance at Chisinau International Airport is free of charge. Services are available 24/7. Telephone: (+373 22) 52 54 82.