Comfortable parking located directly in front of the Terminal is open 24/7 for guests.

The parking area at Chisinau International Airport offers its dear guests a modern four-level space with video surveillance and can accommodate 799 vehicles. There are 571 covered parking places at three lower levels, and 228 uncovered parking lots at the fourth upper level. There are signs with numbers on every floor which helps to navigate around the parking lots. Display boards show the information about free parking lots on each level. There are also road signs and markings throughout the parking area.

Parking places for people with special needs are available on each level: they are marked with corresponding symbol. The car park is equipped with two elevators for transporting people and goods, crossing ramps between levels for visitors and vehicles, control and video surveillance system, information devices and other necessary equipment in accordance with European standards. Each pillar of the parking is equipped with reflective rubber corners and rubber rim to avoid cars damaging.



There are 6 automatic cashpoints in the parking area. Use cash or credit cards to pay. First (low) level and the fourth one (upper, outdoor) have two cashpoints on each, the second and the third – one cashpoint on every level. Automatic pay machines provide change if necessary. In addition, one can pay for parking place in control room on the first level, where the manager will answer any questions one might have.



1. The car park is available 24/7, based on a parking card which can be received at the entrance.
2. The card must be preserved until the exit from the parking area. In case of loss or damage to the card, you must pay its cost in the amount of MDL 100.
3. To pay for parking services use payment machines installed at all levels of the car park.
4. The fees for using the parking services:
  First 45 minutes – free
  First 3 hours - 10 MDL/hour
  From 4-10 hours - 20 MDL/hour
  First 1-7 days - 200 MDL/day
  Starting with day 8 - 400 MDL/day
5. After the payment for parking services has been made you are granted 15 minutes free of charge to leave the parking area.
6. Obey all the traffic rules and staff requirements on the parking site.