VIP CAR service

VIP Car service adds a special luxury to the trip and offers an opportunity to those who use this service to enjoy every moment before and after the flight

Qualified personnel will always be at your disposal providing you the highest level of service, and a comfortable car will carry you to the destination point to/from the airport or even to the ladder of the aircraft.

Bookings of VIP Car services can be done by phone or +373 22 52 41 74 not later than 6 hours before the flight.

The cost of VIP Car service:

Mercedes Benz S350 CDI/
Mercedes Benz S350


1344 MDL

Chisinau 1 hour

894 MDL

Chisinau 2 hours

1608 MDL

Chisinau 3 hours

2340 MDL

Chisinau 4 hours

3060 MDL

Chisinau 5 hours

3804 MDL

Chisinau 6 hours

4536 MDL

More than 6 hours, every additional hour

576 MDL